5 Reasons Why I (an American) Like Working with Indian Developers.

Just after 9/11, my wife and I, moved our family to Asia, following our dreams of setting up an open-source software company in India.  Every minute in India continues to be a fascinating adventure of rich culture, spicy food and ordered chaos (you will have to come here to understand this oxymoron).  I have spent more than a decade working elbow-to-elbow with Indians and enjoying the connectedness of being on a community-oriented, goal-driven team.

The following are 5 reasons why I love working with Indian PHP programmers:

#1.  Smart and Savvy

The Indians we hire take their schooling very seriously and are well-educated. I believe the key to their intelligence is that they are willing to learn. Indians tend to be savvy and capable of being quite good at getting things done, even when resources are extremely limited. One book that does a good job highlighting this is Jugaad Innovation: Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth.

#2.  Flexible to Changing Scope

Adaptability is key to Scrum, and our team is flexible when American product owners change their mind mid-stream. Indians do remarkably well in taking the news that their previous version of software, which they worked on for 80 hours a week for the past month, has been abandoned because the client changed their mind. I remember a few years back we had a big shot client pay us to build a web app four different times. Each time we delivered a version, they said, This is exactly what we requested, but we’ve changed our mind and now want something different.” Their budget was so large money was never the issue for them. Our team took it all in stride and kept high spirits throughout the project, without knowing if their work would ever be properly used. Our Indian programmers take scope changes in stride and adjust their schedule in order to meet demanding timelines.

#3. Strong Work Ethic

Most Indians learn to rise early. They are quite disciplined, viewing themselves as a part of a broader community and having a sense of duty to fulfill certain societal obligations. When given clear tasks, Indian developers are deeply committed and will complete their portion of the project, even if it means they will have to work late into the night or over the weekend.

#4. Committed to the Team

Indians make excellent employees because they see themselves as part of a team. They work hard to promote harmony in the team and often remain calm and professional even when projects move through very stressful stages. When a team member is struggling with code or fixing a bug, the other programmers on the team will go out of their way to support and assist them towards progress.

#5. Loyal and Dependable

From my experience, when I show genuine trust in my Indian teammates and support them, they respond with a strong sense of loyalty and deep commitment to our work relationship. I can depend on them to get the job done even when the timeline is too short, the internet is too slow, or the expectations of the client are borderline unreasonable. Our Indian CodeIgniter programmers take up challenges and faithfully and consistently deliver. I applaud them for their character and persistence.

Have a CodeIgniter project with tight timelines? Contact us and we will pull our Indian and American team together to get your project back on track.

About us:

CodeIgniter Hands is a division of Rubico which operates two offices in India full of Indians and Americans.  We work with web software companies and ad agencies in a collaborative multi-cultural environment that celebrates ethnic diversity.

We create complex web and mobile applications. We bring together expert Indian developers – ranked among the top in their field – and India-based, American relationship managers, who provide stateside context for client’s needs and expectations. This combination creates a new kind of contracted development that doesn’t trade quality for cost.