An opportunity from Mobilegeddon

How to build mobile-friendly and responsive websites for all your past customers quickly.

You have spent time and effort giving your clients great websites which highlight their expertise and great products and invested hours into cultivating a trusting partnership in which everyone wins. Many of these clients’ projects, done years ago, were cutting edge, but years are decades when it comes to web development. These sites are in need of a makeover. How do you re-engage with old clients? How do you continue the relationship in which you invested so much? How do you continue to serve their IT needs when their big project has been completed for years?

A variety of statistics will show that it can cost 5 to 15 times more to attract a new client than retain an existing client. You know this instinctively, but often in the IT world, when one project is complete we are off to find the next new project. With the recent update from Google, dubbed Mobilegeddon, you should feel confident going back to your past clients to offer them value in converting their sites to mobile-friendly sites.


Company A is just one example of the many businesses in the wake of Mobilgeddon that now face the need of creating a responsive website, many of which are your previous clients. Google experts cite statistics that “More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.” Technology has changed quickly in the past few years. Though a site may be designed well – Company A, for example – if it lacks the responsiveness,  won’t make the cut on Google’s search engine.

It’s time to rebuild, or at least remodel for many business websites. The project may be as simple as downloading a responsive theme and optimizing photos. However, this process can give clients a chance to rebrand and make additional improvements. Each client’s website will call for a different approach, but the bottom line still stands: Google is transitioning to the mobile era, and website design will have to follow.

Rather than seek out new clients, now is the best time to revisit those clients with which there is history and a trusted relationship. Offer to repurpose their website so they will come out on top of the Google search. A test can be done to see if a client’s website is mobile-friendly. Be there, as a helping hand, to guide clients into the future of web development.

Here at Rubico, we are regularly asked by our web company (and ad agency) clients to put together a Recommendation Report for their projects. We give suggestions to keep the project’s web presence up-to-date with rapidly changing technology.

It’s time for you to put together some Recommendation Reports for your past clients and re-engage with old friends. Rubico would be privileged to help you in this process.

Let’s Work Together.

We create complex web and mobile applications. We bring together expert Indian developers – ranked among the top in their field – and India-based, American relationship managers, who provide stateside context for client’s needs and expectations. This combination creates a new kind of contracted development that doesn’t trade quality for cost.