CodeIgniter Web Development Company in Action – Case Study

There are a lot of options for web development and every framework and CMS is best suited for particular projects. As a seasoned CodeIgniter web development company, we know what strengths CodeIgniter brings to a project. Here is a great example of how CodeIgniter was able to meet the needs of a recent project. Note: We did this project with an earlier version of CI. In an upcoming blog we will compare CodeIgniter 3 with an earlier version.

A Look at the Project

Client: Classroom Technology Resource
Current Site Challenges:

  • Outdated user interface
  • Plain, uninteresting UX
  • Built as a custom CMS in core PHP
  • Not iPad or mobile-friendly
  • Payment gateway frustrated customers
  • Client could not access to edit website contents

Our client needed more than a website facelift. Relationships were on the line. With customers walking away from sales halfway through the payment process, something had to be done to not only keep future customers, but draw back those frustrated with the website. The population the client reached out to almost all accessed the site from tablet or phone. Having an unresponsive site broke down the interest and trust of the client.

The website coded in core PHP made for some very complex customized CMS. We could have continued working with the CMS already in place, but source code ownership issues with the original website developer kept the client from editing the website contents. Working with the current CMS may have been easy at first; however long term, we would have dealt with more complications.

We knew we had to start development from scratch. Working with the old CMS would have taken more customization work, adding in plugins and more. After considering the options, we decided to develop with the CodeIgniter Web Framework.

Why develop in CodeIgniter Web Framework?

  • It’s fast, reliable, lightweight and capable.
  • It’s the easiest way to use modular programs.
  • It’s compatible with most web servers, numerous operating systems and platforms.
  • It has outstanding performance, as well as presentation.

As a CodeIgniter web development company, we know CodeIgniter is an easy framework to learn and is user-friendly. The old site was not secure and the CodeIgniter Web Framework offers a lot of security, yet does not require a complex structure of code. CodeIgniter is only a framework, which meant we needed to create a CMS. We made the new CMS simple and straightforward for the client to make edits without our help.

When we finished, the results made us, and our client, very happy.

  • A new layout
  • Responsive design tools
  • PayPal Pro, a low-cost payment gateway that would accept major credit card payments
  • A customized CMS, easily updated by the client

It took 18 weeks to design, develop, test and launch the application. Instructors now use it to effectively plan course activities; teachers register for multiple courses and get assignments; instructors monitor the assignments and activities of their users (teachers); and the client generates more revenue with an easier payment process.

Technical Lessons
Throughout the project we learned a few technical lessons for working within the CodeIgniter Web Framework. Here are a few technical hints from our expert CodeIgniter developers:

  1. Use custom config file for website configuration, not core file.
  2. Always rename application and system folders for high security.
  3. Don’t use a persistent database connection to avoid sleeping queries.
  4. Don’t use the default cookie name that is CI_session. Always rename it.
  5. Don’t autoload all libraries and classes that are not used frequently.

Are you looking for the flexibility of a customized web framework, without a high learning curve? Do you need to break free from the current CMS you are using with more unique features? Contact us at and let our experienced CodeIgniter web development company put their expertise to work for you.

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