How Google Inbox Makes You More Productive

5 useful tools to organize your Inbox

You may have Google Inbox, but do you still battle to control your email Inbox?
Arriving in the office to 200+ emails can be daunting to the most organized person. It is difficult to separate the important from the urgent, or the mundane from the junk. Often, by the time you have sorted your email, you have to run to your next meeting and the emails continues to pile up.

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The solution is right in your Google Inbox. The Gmail Inbox system provides powerful tools for organizing emails.
But wait, if you don’t use Gmail Inbox, here are some quick takeaways for maintaining your sanity with an insane Inbox.

  • Get to Inbox Zero
    This means every email should be opened, processed and a decision made about what happens to it. This will free your mind to focus on other things. Besides, having an empty Inbox just feels good, doesn’t it?
  • Set aside time
    Take a set amount of time to read emails and make a decision about what needs to happen in response to that email. Resist the urge to do the hokey pokey with your Inbox. Jumping in and out of your email several times a day will waste a lot of time, which is not “what it’s all about.”
  • Only read an email once
    Once you open an email, you are committed to making a decision about that email’s destiny. Decide what will happen with that email and move on. Don’t read it, then tell yourself, “I’ll read that again later.” You will only return to do the same thing again.
  • Do not file your email
    Do not put emails into folders. Let Google index your emails and use their search functionality to search for emails. Michael Hyatt has a podcast I found helpful on this topic. Search for: “How to conquer your email inbox by Michael Hyatt” to find it.Now for those of you who already have a Gmail Inbox account: I want to share the amazing tools that help me manage my emails efficiently. When Google created Google Inbox, they did it to make you more efficient in your email management. None of these suggestions are unique to me, but a compilation from years of reading about email management.


    If you can respond to an email in less than 2 minutes, do it now.
    Get it done immediately. It will be marked as “Done” and you can stop thinking about it. Then archive it. This does not delete the email. You can always access it through the search engine.


    Schedule a time to follow up on the email.
    You can do this using a “Snooze” feature, that will set an alarm for a later time. In this example, the email will come back to my Inbox on Monday for me to respond.


    Copy the email text to a “To Do” list.
    You may already use organizational tools like Wunderlist or ToDoist, but you can also “Pin” the email in the Inbox if that is more convenient.


    “Forward” the email on to an employee or a co-worker.
    Remember to set a reminder to follow up, if necessary.


    You can “Archive” the email to find it later or you may “Delete” it. Then later you can empty the “Trash” and be completely rid of those deleted emails.

    I hope you have already sorted through some emails in your Inbox using these useful features. They have revolutionized my email management, and I hope they do the same for you. Google Inbox is full of great features to make you more efficient. Send me an email at and I will gladly share more tips and tricks in Google Inbox. Now, go forth and conquer your Inbox.

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