How to handle over-demanding clients

7 Strategies to succeed with the demanding & difficult clients.

When your business relies heavily on what your customer needs, it pays to listen. Especially, in the custom web development industry, where every client can be more demanding than the next. It is a meticulous task to deliver top quality output. However, agile software development methodology, which utilizes a scrum approach, could serve you well. Here is a list of 5 good practices to reach out to the most demanding clients.

1. Choose to listen over simply hearing what is being said

When a client approaches your business, they come to you asking for help. The solutions you provide should increase their bottom line. What is easily skipped is that the client needs your attention: they need you to listen to their challenges. It is not difficult to perceive that even with the best intention, we as solution providers may skip the all important aspects of listening, in the urgency to solve.

In my experience, on the very first call, the purpose is to understand the root of a client’s challenges. Quite often, it becomes apparent that what the client is asking us to do is truly only the tip of the iceberg of a bigger problem.

In the agile development method, the very first meeting allows a client to talk at length about their requirements. Further, the client creates  a list of tasks in order of priority, which allows your team to align with the client’s vision.

2. Help them ask the most pressing questions at various stages of the project

In the web-development industry projects and solutions can vary greatly from client to client. The whims and fancies of a client, at times, makes you fit an elephant in a box and on others can make you draw rabbits out of a hat like a magician. The customized solutions you strive to provide rely heavily on what information you gather from your client.

Ask the right question to get the right answer.

Take it from us, in the agile software development methodology, the product owner is very involved and engaged at every step to achieve the best possible results. Point to note, sometimes the product owner might not be the best person to ask the questions, in such cases make sure you are talking to the right person.

3. Plan and position your company’s skills and resources as your strength

A web development project requires a team complete with UI/UX designers, programmers, testers, marketing specialists led by a Scrum Master (also referred to as a project coordinator) who brings the best out of them.

The scrum model calls for a well-rounded, cross-functional and self organized team capable of tackling a wide range of challenges . What is beneficial is to advertise this capability. And by that, I mean not just the capability of the company but also of the core team working on the project.

Let the client know the experience and qualification of the team. Business is built on trust. Assuring the client of the knowledge and quality of the personnel they are working with will help win their trust.

For example, additional functionality like developing mobile applications, expertise on search engine optimization and achieving Page #1 Google results can be winners.

  • Help the client assess your capability.
  • How adept is the team at new technologies?

4. Show relevant past work for more satisfaction

Planting the seed of trust happens before signing the dotted line, but to make the relationship fruitful you need to come through on your commitment.

Nothing succeeds like success. Your past work will help in meeting challenges posed by over-demanding clients. While they ascertain how you can help them achieve success, be forthright in presenting past examples of similar work. Show them the methods you use.

Take the time to educate the client on how the results are measured in terms of lower bounce rates, higher repeat traffic, conversions and Page #1 Google rankings for multiple keywords. Help them understand that the results delivered are measurable and how you can translate their investment into good sales.

5. Communicate clearly and effectively

The strength of the agile software development process is the communication and delivery of potentially shippable product increments. What the agile system also allows is the convenience of adding extra features or increasing the scope of the project. The client is comfortably in control of the developments and can see the process very transparently at each step and is therefore more engaged.

Sprint Scrum

This clarity of vision needs to be supplemented by other bits of information. Who holds accountability? Who is the point of contact? How is the communication process (including tools used) going to be carried out? What are the timelines? What is the pricing and minimum deliverables, at stated deadlines? All of these need to be clearly laid out, communicated and adhered to.

Agile methodology is supportive of large and complex projects. It is very engaging for both the client and the development team. With these good practices you can ensure greater productivity as you proceed to provide solutions to over-demanding clients.

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