Indians and Americans: a great team composition

Reasons why global teams have a competitive advantage. The reasons I love working with Indians in my software company.

5 Reasons why you should include Indians on your Software Team

After growing an IT business in India for the past 14 years, experiencing not only the culture, but also the work environment of a business primarily of Indian employees, I can say the experience is a great one. The benefits of outsourcing IT business to India go far beyond the cost savings. I have found a high quality of individuals willing to work as efficient team players and who do so as a community.

The majority of our projects are accomplished with a mixture of Indians and westerners (primarily Americans).  The following table is a typical Team arrangement.

Role Role Description Team Member (typical of many of our projects)
Product Owner The Product Owner represents the business details of the product, feature backlog items and their acceptance criteria. american flag
Relationship Manager The Relationship Manager drives the staging of the project relationally and reviews the project at the major milestones, looking for ways to improve collaboration and project efficiencies. american flag
Business Analyst and Technical Architect These roles are crucial in getting the project staged properly.  The architect works with the team to define the technology and guides the tech decisions. The analyst ensures that the business goals are in clear focus and are achievable. american flag or indian flag
Scrum Master The Scrum Master is a “servant leader” who supports the rest of the team and ensures everyone follows the defined processes. indian flag
UI UX Graphic Designer The UI UX Designer creates what clients will see and feel when they look at a completed project. UI is what a person “sees” and UX is what a person “feels.” A user will only stay around if they feel good about what they see! american flagor indian flag
Frontend/Backend Software Engineers The Frontend Engineers take a photoshop layout and transform it into an interactive design. The Backend Software Engineers write the code and develop the software. indian flag*
Internet Marketing Specialists The Internet Marketing Specialist defines the strategy and consultatively executes a plan to improve the project’s web presence. american flag& indian flag
Software Tester The Software Tester discovers unexpected issues before they appear in front of the end users. indian flag

* Americans also make great software engineers so a mixture of Americans and Indians is a good approach when it comes to coding.

Here are the 5 reasons I love working with Indians
#1.  Hardworking.
Indian employees are a part of a hardworking community. When given a clear assignment, team members will complete their portion of the project, even if that means they will have to work late into the night or over the weekend.  Ingrained in the Indian culture is a sense of duty to the team in which the employee is serving. They work additional hours, and do it with such a positive attitude that it inspires me to go the extra mile also. Respect for those in leadership keeps the team on track and in line with the management’s goals. The desire for the best results maintains a team’s focus and cooperation during projects.

#2.  Intelligent.
Indians are not only hardworking but also well educated. The Indians on our team are intelligent largely due to the fact they are willing to learn. Within the IT business there are many certifications necessary to keep up with advances.  Indians are ready and willing learners and love to achieve degrees and certifications. The Indians I work with put forth an extra effort to gain knowledge and accreditation in specific skills. They also will spend hours in intense, long meetings in order to understand a client’s needs and expectations.

#3.  Adaptable.
Flexibility is an important asset when the employees on the India side meet with our American clients. They are willing to go out of their way to meet at a time convenient to the client, even if it means late night or early morning hours.  In the IT business it’s very normal in the industry to have last-minute emergencies at the most inconvenient times – broken links and website troubles won’t wait for normal business hours. Yet work is a high priority for our employees, who consider work as a form of worship and feel a real sense of duty to meet client expectations.  During the Agile Sprints, Indians adjust well to changing requirements and Product Owners who change their mind. They take scope changes in stride and adjust their schedule in order to meet demanding timelines.

#4.  Team-Player.
The Indian employee is a team player with a desire to keep a positive environment among team members. Indians strive to promote harmony on the team and often play the role of a peacemaker when projects move through stressful times.  When a fellow team member is struggling, Indians will go out of their way to empathize with them, support them and motivate them toward progress. Indians celebrate different events together like birthdays, work anniversaries, etc.  They naturally build a sense of community as they sit and drink a cup of chai and enjoy some very tasty Indian sweets!

#5.  Committed.
In addition to the community formed through shared experiences, the office is also a place where each individual takes work seriously.  If a project needs to be completed outside of normal office hours, the employees responsible will follow through. One of my employees even worked the night before his wedding to finalize a project. It is also common to see employees come to the office because of urgent project needs, even when they had scheduled vacation days. “Weren’t you on vacation today?” I asked. The reply: “I decided to come into the office as there was some urgent work!”

Have a Project with tight timelines? Give us a call and we will pull our Indian and American team together to work with you to complete it on schedule.

About us:

Rubico has 2 offices in India full of Indians and Americans.  We work with Web companies and Marketing firms in a collaborative multi-cultural atmosphere that celebrates ethnic diversity.

We create complex web and mobile applications. We bring together expert Indian developers – ranked among the top in their field – and India-based, American relationship managers, who provide stateside context for client’s needs and expectations. This combination creates a new kind of contracted development that doesn’t trade quality for cost.