Internet Marketing Strategy: 5 Home Page Questions

5 Internet Marketing strategy questions to answer on your homepage

You have worked hard to develop your internet marketing strategy. And then…

10 seconds.

That’s all you have.

In that time a person visiting your site will make a decision – to stay or leave.

What are people thinking as they browse your company’s website? You don’t need a doctorate in human psychology to know what is going through their minds. Just the following five questions; keys to a good internet marketing strategy.

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1. What’s in it for me? Why should I care and stick around?
The Nielson Norman group says in their study on the 10-second phenomena, that people will stay much longer on a site that has a clearly-defined value proposition. That means the first question is not only about benefits; it’s also about your promise. You want clients to know what they can get from you, but you also want to be clear what you are offering. People will stay on your site longer if they understand why they should, ultimately, give you their email address or credit card number. If it is a good deal for them and they know exactly what they are getting from you, they may even come back. Lightning quick engagement of your visitors is key to an internet marketing strategy.

2. What is this?/Who are you?
Your visitors arrive on your site with expectations and intentions, so you need to reflect those expectations and intentions in your landing page.

For example, if they come to your home page for a web design company, they should be able to repeat your basic value proposition within the first 10 seconds. If they are going to a landing page for an ebook, it should be crystal clear how to download the ebook. Each page can have a specific purpose on your site, a piece of your internet marketing strategy, but that must be clear.

3. What’s different or unique about you/your product?
When you’re explicit with what’s unique about your product, you eliminate a question cluttering your visitors’ minds. That’s critical to keeping them around.

What is your value proposition to your site visitor? What makes you unique? Keep in mind what Robert Herjavec, from the show Shark Tank, says, “Being better is not a good enough differentiator from your competitors.” Be specific.

4. Is this product/service right for me, in particular?
Tell your niche that they’ve arrived on the right site by using an “ideal for/perfect for” statement. That not only serves those visitors to your site who want to know if you are the service they are looking for, it also serves you. Those people, who are truly interested, will stay to learn more.

5. Who else is already using this?
The answer to this will likely appear on your page in the form of testimonials, logos, etc. – any clear indicator that tells your first-time visitor, “You’re not alone. Others are already doing this. You do not have to lead the pack on this one.”

A crucial step in the sales process for most prospects is hearing how you solved problems similar to their problem. This can be done with simple testimonials, case studies or videos. This is often the final step before a prospect is ready to talk to you.

10 seconds. Sounds short, but you can do a lot in 10 seconds to tell your prospective customers about who you are, how you are different from others and about similar people who have benefited. When you think about all you can accomplish in 10 seconds, 10 seconds is an eternity.

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