3 lessons learned working in India with a Software Development Company

January 3, 2023
3 minutes read

Working in a different environment and country is different. There are rules and standards that you might not be used to. The ability to work for a software development company in India allowed me to experience this different way of working. Throughout my two months in India, I was able to see firsthand what software developers do on a daily basis, as well as how Rubico functions on a daily basis.


The first lesson I learned was about collaboration. Collaboration is at its peak when you are in person. Work-From-Home can be nice at times. However, when you are in the office, side by side with your fellow colleagues, the creative ideas that start to flow are endless. And it’s exciting to experience that. In America, the work-from-home era is at its peak. Since COVID, the ability to have a flexible schedule that allows you to be home during working hours is almost a necessity in job postings now. I understand, it makes sense to have that flexibility. However, being side by side with amazingly talented Software Developers in India, I realized how much more productive we were being when I was talking with them in person rather than through a computer monitor. 

Next time your company is in a rut, or you can’t think of the next big idea to jump-start your newest campaign, try having everyone come together over one roof, get a whiteboard and start brainstorming in person. The productivity and the things you will accomplish will be 10x the amount that would happen over zoom. You must have effective collaboration in the workplace.

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Working Hours in India

Pivoting a little, another lesson (or observation) I learned was about working hours in India. Considering our team of software developers in India have to stay up later into the evenings to take calls with our clients, they will have later starts in the morning than what we have in America. 

Working hours are different in India compared to America. In India, our team doesn’t usually start work until 9:00 or 10:00 AM. This gives everyone the freedom to enjoy their mornings with their families. Contrary to that, the work day may not end until about 7:00 pm. However, the extra time in the morning seems to be something everyone over here in India appreciates at Rubico. 

Work Culture in India

During my time here, I noticed the culture that Rubico has built, and I believe that it is something that not only software development companies should employ, but every company. We have built-in breaks throughout the workday so that we aren’t sitting in front of our computers all day, staring at the screen. During these times, we would play Table Tennis or Carrom, or just go get our coffee and chat for a few minutes. These vital breaks allow not only for people to relax, but they also encourage a time for community and for all of the software developers to get to know each other better. 

Having dedicated breaks, and places for people to go and unwind are key pieces that play into creating a great culture at your company. There were multiple days when I would leave the office late, and I would see my fellow coworkers playing Table Tennis in the lobby. 

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Drew Hall is a marketing specialist at Rubico. He joined our team 8 months ago and has recently returned from a two-month stay in India. For more information, check out his LinkedIn.

Drew Hall Marketing Specialist