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9 Effective Scrum KPIs

Whether a software development team uses Scrum or some other method to determine quality assurance, every project has to be evaluated and problems isolated, in order to improve a team’s quality of work. Similar to other development methods, there are

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Development Day August 2015: Speeding up websites with GULP

Last weekend, the Rubico team got together for a day of professional development and team building. We learned from each other in areas of Javascript, communication development, UI/UX understanding and how to improve our Agile company process. Each presentation was

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An opportunity from Mobilegeddon

You have spent time and effort giving your clients great websites which highlight their expertise and great products and invested hours into cultivating a trusting partnership in which everyone wins. Many of these clients’ projects, done years ago, were cutting

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Why investing in your online presence is vital

Your idea is great, but is it getting the right audience? Have you been able to drive sales exponentially? Or are you simply holding out for the right time to go big? Has all this led to a hint of

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Most effective ways to extract ideas from a client

Information is vital for the completion of a project, but what is even more important is gleaning relevant information at the right time. It is the client’s desire for perfection that drives our efforts in developing a quality product. Therefore,

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