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3 Acronyms Your Clients Should Know: UAT, UAP and SLA

Every web company owner is at risk for a common (sometimes devastating) ailment - the “never-ending project.” This dangerous scenario can be prevented by simply educating your clients on 3 acronyms: UAT (User Acceptance Testing), UAP (User Acceptance Period) and

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The Future of CodeIgniter

The future of CodeIgniter is anything but clear. As rival frameworks, especially Laraval, grew, many were sounding the death bells for CodeIgniter. However, CodeIgniter is back with a new version. Before we consider the future of CodeIgniter, let's consider the

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Automation: Improve Workflow With Package Managers

Speed. It’s a goal you have for your business. How can you deliver a project faster, streamline the process, and ensure a quality product? There are countless options, but one is most effective: Automation. Automating your process, development and quality

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Development Day August 2015: Speeding up websites with GULP

Last weekend, the Rubico team got together for a day of professional development and team building. We learned from each other in areas of Javascript, communication development, UI/UX understanding and how to improve our Agile company process. Each presentation was

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Most effective ways to extract ideas from a client

Information is vital for the completion of a project, but what is even more important is gleaning relevant information at the right time. It is the client’s desire for perfection that drives our efforts in developing a quality product. Therefore,

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