Think Glocally: Grow your Business by Outsourcing

Outsourcing can help you grow your business.

Meeting potential partners is something I love to do. It is fun and exciting to understand how different businesses are run. Even more, it is endlessly interesting to hear people’s stories about their company. But as I begin to talk about partnering together in the IT sector, often people stop me before I can get started.

“We don’t outsource.”

I have heard this line from many potential clients. Some have legitimate business reasons for this decision, but some say it like a badge of honor, as if outsourcing meant they sacrificed the integrity and quality of their business.

Outsourcing has risks. What business opportunity does not? But we don’t live in an isolated world. We live in a dynamic, connected, but geographically dispersed world. Take advantage of the global economy to grow your local business.


Working with an offshore partner is not the right decision for everyone, but there are potentially huge advantages to a good partnership.

1. Rapidly scale your company to adapt to a changing workflow.

One challenge in the technology services space is managing consistent workflow from customers. Often it is feast or famine, where one season will be “all hands on deck” late into the night and in the next season, half your Magento team has nothing to do. Working with an offshore partner can help manage this load by staff augmentation or whole project contracting.

2. Be sharpened by working with an outstanding offshore partner.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one friend sharpens another.” This proverb is true for companies as well. Choosing a competent and highly qualified offshore partner will sharpen your business practices and technical skills. You will learn from each other. Take new project understanding and requirement gathering, for example.. Quickly and correctly understanding a project is crucial to success, which can be successfully determined by a skilled offshore partner. Working in different time zones and cultures only enhance the ability to concisely meet this challenge. My company, Rubico, has done this for over 10 years and we are experts. (See how we do it here!)

3. Provide ongoing customer support and keep your team available to impress new clients.

You are always on the hunt for new clients, and often supporting your old clients becomes a challenge (and even a distraction!). Bring in an offshore partner to help with continuing customer support and site maintenance. Provide great customer ongoing support. Free up your team to WOW new clients. You don’t have to choose.

4. Offer a full-plate of services — such as mobile application development — without having to hire a full team.

Many web development companies do not have a mobile app development team and are unsure where to start. Use an offshore partner as your mobile app developer so that you can offer a full and robust package to your clients. Test the waters. Do your customers want this service? Ramp up your ability, without over-extending your budget.

5. Pay less for excellent work.

Imagine you are hiring an employee. You would never use cost as the only factor in your hiring decision. You would consider technical skills, communication abilities and past work experience. Similarly, cost should not be your only concern when choosing an offshore partner. When working with an offshore partner, you will pay less. Make sure you are going to pay less for excellent work. Do your due diligence by looking at their past work projects and talking to past clients. Then move ahead with confidence and watch your business grow.

Working with an offshore partner can catapult your company’s capacity, competency and competitive pricing. Finding the right offshore partner is well worth the effort. A good partner will launch your company forward as market leaders.

Watch this space, as I will soon share my thoughts about some risks that are inherent with working with an offshore partner and how to avoid them.

About us:
Rubico provides customized solutions to web development companies and internet marketing agencies who work collaboratively over different time zones.

We create complex web and mobile applications. We bring together expert Indian developers – ranked among the top in their field – and India-based, American relationship managers, who provide stateside context for client’s needs and expectations. This combination creates a new kind of contracted development that doesn’t trade quality for cost.