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Case study

Rubico continues to put the customer ahead of themselves.


CEO of Blueprint

As a trusted, digital marketing agency in Atlanta, Blueprint Digital wanted to invest energy in their strengths. Although they used an Atlanta-based development partner for new sites, they could not find a consistent and cost-effective partner for both maintenance and new development. With the lack of support in maintenance, Blueprint was in danger of losing clients. When Blueprint asked around, another agency recommended Rubico. As Blueprint began working with Rubico and transitioning work from other developers, it became clear the company had found a consistent partner.

Business Problem which was Faced

Blueprint did not have backend developers to carry out the framework of projects and develop the sites, while they focused on digital marketing and SEO. They found that projects couldn’t move forward until the code was developed. On one of the first main projects for PT Solutions, a site for physical therapy patients, Rubico did most of the work, rebuilding important pages, configuring locations and geo plugins. The code was complex, but Blueprint would have lost their client if the site wasn’t completed. After creating the backend framework for PT Solutions, Blueprint began to use Rubico on more projects.

Solutions to the Business Problem

Since April of 2019 Rubico has had an agreement with Blueprint to complete at least 200 hours of work per month. Because Rubico put a competent, trustworthy development team behind Blueprint, they have the time to focus on their skillset – SEO and digital marketing on WordPress. In addition to building sites, Rubico has been able to manage their hosting for client websites on WPEngine. The support of Rubico allows Blueprint to reach more clients and even gives the CEO space to finally take some time off for a much-needed vacation.


Rubico has a trusted partnership with Blueprint. The relationship goes beyond simple development work. The Rubico team is an active, consultative part of creating amazing solutions for their clients. Furthermore, Blueprint is able to grow on their strengths as Rubico provides the stability of a steady web development team.