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Case study

Every time I fumbled through a task or tried explaining something, the team (Rubico) knew what I was talking about and would do what was needed.



Church Requests is the only comprehensive relationship management and request processing software that is tailored specifically to churches. Church Requests allows customers to employ one single solution instead of switching between a myriad of various tools from different providers. Having helped with other ventures that utilized outsourced development, the founder of Church Requests eagerly chose to work with Rubico to design and create what is now an industry-defining product.

Communication amidst chaos: A cause for operational inefficiency

Despite playing an essential role in maintaining and growing the relationship with the church body, the church communications staff is not equipped with a system or process to help manage all of the tasks and requests that come its way. Whether via email, early morning phone calls, late-night texts, or even quick chats in the donut line after the service; the communications staff is left juggling requests from many people through many medians. With no comprehensive tool or process to provide guidance, the inevitable tends to happen. Requests slip through the cracks, tasks are assigned to the wrong individual, important objectives fail to get completed, and most importantly the church does not operate to its full potential because of this inefficiency.

Providing a structure through a comprehensive technology solution

Rubico partnered with Church Requests to create a web-based all-in-one communications request management system (RMS). From the initial design phase through launch, Rubico helped develop an RMS that enabled the communications staff to regain control of consistent inbound requests. After employing 11 technologies throughout a 16-week process, Rubico delivered a product that aided the improvement of a Church’s operational effectiveness through:

  1. Control: Once a request is received, the allotted communication staff (administrator) has full control over who is able to access and resolve the request.
  2. Tracking: Through a user-friendly dashboard and calendar feature, both users and administrators are able to track the real-time progress of requests.
  3. Pricing: Rubico provided integration with Stripe to allow for churches of differing sizes to pick one of the three pricing plans that fit its needs.

In just one year, Rubico and Church Requests have started and completed three phases, each building and expanding on the product. Furthermore, as a result of a strong relationship, Rubico has been able to ‘roll out’ weekly updates and improvements to the Church Requests web application, creating a dynamic product that is continuously adapting to fit the needs of and empower the growing number of Church Request users.