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Case study

Rubico is a great partner. They allow us to scale when we have long-term or short-term projects and they are responsive; like an extension of our team.


Founder of Media Fuel

MediaFuel is a digital marketing company that specializes in photography, onsite video, and graphic design. Having been around for 10+ years, they have a lot of experience working with companies that don’t have enormous budgets but still demand quality websites that deliver measurable results.


Media Fuel had a health business development funnel, but had three areas of dev needs:

  • Maintaining existing sites for clients
  • Building new sites
  • Building a SaaS platform for cash flow management

However, Media Fuel was unable to find and retain high-quality web developers for this work. After hiring many new developers only to see them leave in under a year, Media Fuel knew they needed a team they could rely on for the long-term.


When Rubico partnered with MediaFuel they had come to realize that their business could not retain high-quality web developers. Although Media Fuel had hired multiple developers over the years, they couldn’t compete with larger corporations. Frankly, the market for great developers is scarce and highly-competitive. They came to Rubico needing a development team. It turned out that after working with us on a few projects they decided Rubico’s [full-time equivalent model] was a perfect fit. Rubico began partnering with Media Fuel in December 2015.

Rubico worked with MediaFuel to develop a Cash Flow Management System they were developing for their own company. When Media Fuel realized how useful the system was they began to market it to other companies.

Throughout Rubico’s years of partnership with MediaFuel, Rubico has provided the following:

  • Project Management
  • WordPress Development
  • Design Work
  • Web Application Development

MediaFuel was able to stabilize their business, by not having to hire and retain developers.  Not only were they able to flex development hours according to their monthly business needs, but they were also able to use Rubico’s team to create a cash flow system to market to other companies.