Nonprofits Struggle with...

Nonprofit organizations struggle with sustainability and not enough resources. Their

departments are often understaffed and struggle to find time to work on strategic

initiatives. Rubico is the solution when you struggle with…

Finding Software Partners

  • We need a team with shared values.
  • Technology decisions are difficult to make.
  • Should we hire or outsource?

Being Good Stewards

  • Our donors expect their money to be spent wisely.
  • Our systems are outdated and not supported.
  • We want to use our limited resources efficiently.

Using Right Technologies

  • Which are the best software tools to use?
  • The software needs to run on slow internet.
  • We need platforms that will last a long time.

Your Dependable Partner

We share your heart for service as we’ve served over 700 clients. We know how stressful it can be to do projects that impact real people. As an outsourced development company who has worked inside nonprofits for the last 2 decades, Rubico understands great technology solutions can effectively serve individuals and communities.

How Does it Work?


Understand your vision.


Define your milestones.


Build your project.


Serve others.
Understand your vision.
Define your milestones.
Serve others.
Build your projects.

The Rubico Commitment

Communicate proactively and regularly.
Transparent in all of our processes.
Focus on the success of your projects.
Collaborate effectively and efficiently.
Consultative throughout each project.
Admit when we fall short and make it right.

Our Technology Stack


Should You Hire an Outsourcing Team?

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    Blue Curve

    With Rubico You Can...

    • Help more people.
    • Leverage a global team.
    • Choose the right technology.
    • Focus on your strengths.
    • Use your funds more wisely.
    • Expand into new technologies.
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    Don't Continue to...

    • Waste funds on outdated tools.
    • Onboard expensive developers.
    • Hire the wrong people.
    • Depend on unreliable volunteers.
    • Struggle to retain competency.
    • Mismanage your limited resources.