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3 Questionnaire Templates

  1. Web Design Questionnaire (WDQ)
  2. Mobile App Questionnaire (MAQ)
  3. Internet Marketing Questionnaire (IMQ)

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How it works?

1. Download

Dig deep into your client’s requirements with our 3 free questionnaire templates: Web Design Questionnaire, Mobile App Questionnaire and Internet Marketing Questionnaire. All three are available in .pdf, .docx, html, odt and gdoc formats. They are free, easy to customize and ready to use. Just Download

2. Customize

We’ve compiled the most relevant questions to tap into the mind of your client. Add, remove or edit these questionnaire templates to meet your requirements. Work on the format that serves you best. Add your color, logo, typeface, branding to align better with your other marketing practices. Feel free to use the questionnaires as you please.

3. Use

Our questionnaires are well researched and aim at gleaning valuable pointers for business success. Email, print & share! Let your customers fill out easy to understand questionnaires to know what they are thinking. With these tools, you won’t only identify a good starting point for your projects, but also a new direction to your business relationships. Help us help you serve your clients better.