Startups Struggle With...

Startups struggle with fierce competition and lofty goals. Relying heavily on financial

backups and investors, they find it challenging to grow in a sustainable way. Rubico is the

solution when you struggle with…

Finding an Expert

  • We need technical consultation.
  • We can’t afford going down the wrong path.
  • We need someone who understands our vision.

Getting to Market

  • We need to launch an MVP within weeks, not months!
  • The user’s experience is paramount.
  • Quick product release will secure more funding.

Staying within Budget

  • We have investors trusting in us.
  • We need the MVP to stay within budget.
  • We need flexible payment terms.

The Right Partner

Rubico is the solution to bringing together an expert team to take your idea to market. For the last 2 decades, we’ve made startups successful by building scalable web applications and mobile app software able to serve millions of users. As an outsourcing software development company who has worked with startups for years, Rubico understands how important it is to get to market quickly.

How Does it Work?


Understand your vision.


Define your milestones.


Build your wireframes.


Develop your dream.
Understand your vision.
Define your milestones.
Develop your dream.
Build your wireframes.

The Rubico Commitment

Communicate proactively and regularly.
Transparent in all of our processes.
Focus on the success of your projects.
Collaborate effectively and efficiently.
Consultative throughout each project.
Admit when we fall short and make it right.

Our Technology Stack

Angular Logo
Amazon Web Services

Should You Hire An Outsourcing Team?

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    Blue Curve

    With Rubico You Can...

    • Get to market fast.
    • Use your funds more wisely.
    • Choose the right technology.
    • Focus on your strengths.
    • Build an MVP to prove your idea.
    • Develop a product quickly.
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    Don't Continue to...

    • Fail to build your dream.
    • Waste precious funds.
    • Hire the wrong people.
    • Delay launching your product.
    • Run out of money.
    • Struggle with priorities.