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Starting a new business should be exciting.

Outsource your web and mobile app development and get back to the vision, not the details.

What is blurring your vision?


Are you overwhelmed by where to start technologically?


Are you paralyzed with navigating the tech world?


Are you scared to hire the wrong tech team?


Can’t find a tech team that understands your vision?

WHY Rubico?

Partner With A Development Company Who Understands

As an outsourced development company who has worked with numerous startup company teams for years, we understand how important it is to move forward and stay agile. For the last 15+ years we have served over 650 clients through our proven processes.

Get back to the vision, not the details.



Successful results...Responsive delivery

Understand your vision
Identify your milestones
Build your wireframes
Develop your dream

The Rubico Commitment

  • Communicate effectively, proactively and regularly
  • Focus on the success of your project
  • Be consultative throughout the project
  • Be transparent in all of our processes
  • Have Americans embedded into the company
  • Admit when we fall short and make it right

Get back to the vision, not the details.

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With Rubico you can…

  • Quickly get an MVP to show investors and beta users
  • Show a product to current investors
  • Collaborate for an iteratively built MVP
  • Walk on a low-risk path to a product
  • Gain a valuable consultative technology partner
  • Gain a competitive advantage over your competition
  • Get to market quicker
  • Start with a team committed to the long haul

Get back to the vision, not the details.

Employee Spotlight


  • Fail to build your dream
  • Run out of money with a half finished product
  • Tell your investors about an idea instead of showing them a product
  • Hire a tech team who doesn’t understand your vision

Get back to the vision, not the details.