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Jennifer Gunjan - Rubico


SEO Expert

Jennifer joined Rubico in 2011 as a PHP developer, moved on as a Project Coordinator, and is now an Internet Marketing Analyst. She is passionate about trying new things, constantly learning, and moving forward. This is reflected in her work style and interactions with the people around her. Jennifer is self-motivated as an avid reader, social media junkie and amateur photographer.

Jennifer's Blog

Technical SEO - Rubico

Technical SEO: Twenty Questions to Test Knowledge

SEO covers a lot of different areas. One important aspect is technical SEO. How much do you know about technical SEO? Take

Posted on March 9, 2018
< 1 min read

How to Redesign Your Website without Losing SEO

Congratulations! You decided to redesign your website. Making this transition is much like moving and can be just as stressful. There are

Posted on April 12, 2017
4 minutes read