Outside Sales Hunter

Rubico’s Vision: You are part of a team built on the foundation of servant leadership. Where we intentionally support each other in growth as individuals and a company. Since 2003, Rubico has been working in India to provid businesses in the West with affordable and quality software development. At the same time, creating local jobs that build team direction and personal growth in both India and America. We need people like you to passionately share our vision, and continue to grow our company by generating clients with the resources for long lasting, fruitful relationships.

  • Work closely with our marketing team to plan and execute monthly outbound campaigns.
  • Effectively architect engagement models with our target clients.
  • Enthusiastically follow up on prospects and qualify and convert them into clients.
  • Convey corporate vision in both written and verbal business development discussions.
  • Work with the team in developing proposals, leading the delivery of proposals in a consultative manner, thinking.
  • Analytically in creating estimates, preparing timelines, and applying appropriate pricing models.
  • Knowledgeable of latest and relevant technology trends (web software, mobile apps, and internet marketing).
  • Sales experience in closing complex deals.
  • Capable of meeting and engaging in conversation with CEO level prospects.
Working Environment:
  • Work regularly from a home office or co-working space.
  • Flexible working hours due to close collaboration with people in other time zones.
  • Close collaboration with remote teams and individuals.
  • Availability to travel domestically and internationally.

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