10 Reasons to Hire an Offshore Team

Know when outsourcing is key to your business’ growth.

It is common for me to sit down with the owner of a web company, marketing firm, or ad agency and hear about their past experiences with an offshore team. Honestly, the stories I hear range from devastating project derailment to positive interactions that turned into long-term trusted relationships. I get it. There’s risk involved in outsourcing.

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The reality is many firms know there’s also a lot to gain from outsourcing. When does the benefit make it worth looking into the dynamics of working alongside another team? Are you wondering if this could be a strategic move for your company’s growth? Below I’ve listed 10 common reasons a business hires offshore teams.

While some of these have similarities, there are definitely differences between each of the reasons. Overall, hiring another company will allow you to expand your business. Everyone has a different vision for how to incorporate a team into their business’ growth. Here are 10 reasons CEOs of web and advertising companies seek offshore work.

When you face an influx of business, you don’t have to turn away the work. Access to extra capacity gives you the opportunity to scale your business without hiring full-time resources. You can even take on extra hands through a Full-time Equivalent Model. This would give you a project team, without having to hire another employee in-house.

Technical Competency
Focus on your technical strengths. Let the team handle the rest. For example, you can focus on keeping the design in-house and send PHP work to the overseas team. Don’t stretch your own technical reach too thin. Do what you do well, and bring in a team working to add more tech skills.

Are clients coming to you with countless questions? Use this as an opportunity to tap into an offshore team as your tech resource. Your team can even develop the scope of the project for your clients and draft proposals. You become the expert consultant, and let a team back you up with project reviews and proposal drafts.

Cost Effective
Are you trying to work within a limited budget? Whether covering part of a project or a full project, you can pull in quality service at an affordable rate. Unlike hiring a full-time employee, who requires health benefits or PTO, a team working from another country takes care of their employees’ job security, health insurance and pay.

Moving to SaaS Model
Moving to a SaaS (Software as a Service) model? Use your in-house resources to build out your SaaS, and use your offshore team to manage existing clients or new web projects. This gives you the freedom to focus on growth in this specific area. The project team takes care of the rest.

Scaling Your Business
When you consider expanding your business, take the low-risk growth strategy. In general, outsourcing is one of the most effective and cost-effective ways to scale your business. Don’t over extend your business past its limits. This gives you a safety net, and spares you from firing additional employees if business slows.

Focus on Business Development
As the CEO of your business, you should be focusing on strategy, growth, and team development. Take the project management and technical details off your desk and hand them to a trustworthy partner. Or if you are a networker, make the connections with companies, while sending a reliable team the offshore work.

Finding a Certified Team
Some contracts require developers to be certified in certain technologies. Don’t spend valuable time for your developers to be certified. Bring in an already-certified, offshore team. Your developers can focus on their job.

Support Your Team’s Skillset
Some web companies have employees who are driven toward design while others like development. You do the designing, and let the team manage the behind-the-scenes framework and website development. Keep what you like and what you’re good at in-house, and hire a team to fill the gap. This will make happier employees and a better work product.

New Initiatives
Looking to roll out new initiatives that you keep putting off? Don’t wait to start. You can start extension builds, personal projects and company website redesigns through a project team.

If you’re considering outsourcing, choose your potential partner wisely. If you find a trustworthy team, your relationship can last a lifetime and build up your business.

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