PMS Reviews: Basecamp

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March 9, 2021

Basecamp is a Project Management Tool that has been gaining more traction as more employees are working from home. Having a good project management tool is more important than ever. Basecamp is an organized PMS tool that can improve collaboration between team members no matter where each member is working from.

Abstract of Basecamp:

With a very intuitive design, basecamp provides real-time communication that helps teams stay on the same page. Basecamp provides a way for teams to keep track of their priorities and actionable items through the following features:

  • To-Do Lists
  • Calendars
  • Due Dates
  • Messaging Boards
  • Project Schedules
  • Docs and File Sharing
  • Campfire (Basecamp’s chat room)
  • Forwards 


Basecamp can be integrated into almost any business that is looking to improve collaboration between team members.

Basecamp HQ contains information that is accessible by the entire company.

  • Topics
  • All talk
  • Automatic Check-Ins
    • Basecamp automatically asks questions like – What have you worked on today?

Basecamp’s best features:

  1. Reducing communication channels, keeping all project discussions in one place.
  2. Linking with tools you already use
    1. Google Docs
    2. Google Spreadsheets
  3. Customizable working hours for teams across different time zones.
  4. Clean UI/UX design tohelp you stay focused.
  5. Simple payment structure
    1. A single monthly bill to handle all of your internal communication needs.

Factors that make BaseCamp different from other PMS tools are:

  • The straightforward UI of the classic versions makes it different from the other PMS tools in the market.Timeline: Most projects rely heavily on deadlines and need to be kept on a timeline. Basecamp uses their timeline to help keep track of activities and team members.
  • BaseCamp is continuously being updated. The product gets better with each update and can be something that you start to look forward to. Over the past few years, BaseCamp has become easier to use and it gets better every day.

Basecamp is constantly improving it’s designs to make it easier to use and integrate with your business. We have used Basecamp at Rubico on several projects and are happy to recommend it to others.

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