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A Simple & Straightforward Way To Manage Projects

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Trello is a unique Project Management System because of how easy it is to use. With Trello, you don’t have to spend the time learning how to use complicated features. Instead, it’s very straightforward, self explanatory, and visual.

  1. More about Trello

    Trello Dashboard
    1. Another unique thing about Trello is that it uses checklists instead of tasks/subtasks. This simple feature of “to do” checklists sets Trello apart from many other PMS tools.
    2. The free version of Trello doesn’t use complicated business tools. It has a very simple, clean look, making it easy for people to use with small to medium projects. Even those who are not used to working with PMS systems find Trello easy to use.
    3. For savvy users, who prefer more advanced PMS systems, there is the option of purchasing plugins for Trello to improve the overall project management experience and to understand a project better.
  2. Trello Workflow

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    1. A Board = “Project”
      1. Trello allows you to have multiple boards and gives you the ability to share and collaborate with others in real time.
      2. Column Structure Trello uses the Kanban method to track tasks. As your project progresses, you can move cards from left to right.
      3. Trello was one of the first PMS tools to have a “board” view. Now, other PMS tools have adopted this style of displaying and managing tasks.
      4. This new view is often preferred over the traditional “task” list because it enables you to be very visual and interactive with the work that needs to be done.
    2. A Card = “Task”
      For each card, you have the option to include any of the following:
      1. A Due Date
      2. Assign the Task to Somebody
      3. Add Details
      4. Insert a Screenshot
      5. Provide a Description
      6. Allow Comments

      A Label Can also be added to a card to provide more context.

  3. Advanced Trello

    Trello Dashboard - ITH
    1. As mentioned before, through Powerups and addon plugins, you can make Trello even more effective in organizing and empowering your team.
      Trellos add ons include:

      1. Reportings
      2. Google Drive Connection
      3. Custom Fields

      You have to pay for these benefits; however, addons set Trello apart and will help you customize your boards and tasks more proficiently.

      Each powerup or plugin costs a different amount.

      1. Three or four plugins could cost $20/month
      2. The first plugin you install is free.
  4. Trello is very user friendly for people who are just getting into the project management space. As you become more experienced, you can use the plugins to improve your processes. Trello will grow with you.

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