Partnering with an Offshore Company

June 27, 2022
3 minutes read

Partnering with a offshore company


As a software development or marketing company, you likely have too much work to do with limited timelines and resources. Partnering with a trusted offshore company is a great way to delegate your work so that you can focus on more important tasks. Take a moment to consider why 68% of US companies outsource their work.

Rubico’s offshore team includes software developers, QA Engineers and Project Managers. Partnering with a company like ours can give you flexibility to work on a project basis or a monthly retainer.

The best companies in the world prefer to outsource their work. In fact, the software outsourcing market is expected to grow $410 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of around 27%. The statistics suggest that outsourcing to offshore companies is growing.

As part of the Rubico staff located in India, I have the opportunity to serve several American clients. I have great relationships with these clients. They enjoy working with a trusted offshore software development company. Some of our clients have even stayed with us for over 13 years.

Some of the reasons our clients enjoy working with an offshore software development company are:

Different Time Zones

Your offshore software development team does not have to spend time on the meetings and calls with your stakeholders/end client, they can just focus on their current tasks. They prioritize the tasks and then get the tasks done and discuss the next tasks with you in weekly meetings. With this approach, you are actually controlling your business 24/7 because your team is working on your project even after your shift.

No Need for Micromanagement

It’s important to find a team of professionals to take on your projects. Being able to rely on your offshore partners’ skills and abilities will allow you to stay out of the weeds and focus on what really matters. Asking too many questions and not trusting in your team can distract the team from their work. When you decide to go offshore, you aim to cut the cost and focus on your core business. It is why clients go ahead and hire the professionals and let the offshore developers take care of everything else and don’t have to worry about the project.

Cross Cultural Communication

Learning how to manage cross-cultural communication is important while working with offshore teams because the team will behave differently according to their environment and society. The myth is that one of the challenges working with offshore teams is the “language barrier,” but the fact is that there is so much more to the culture than just the language. Culture is a bigger predictor of human behavior than language. Once a client understands the culture of their offshore team members, they can predict their behavior and then the language is not a significant challenge.

Understanding the Culture of their Offshore Software Team

By visiting us, some of our clients get a chance to learn the culture of their offshore team. While it’s not a requirement to visit, our clients who take the chance to visit us have become some of our best partners, and friends. They understand us well and we can build an even deeper relationship. When a client gets a chance to work with an offshore team in person, they really get a sense of the differences, the similarities, and the challenges of the other culture. It helps them to build a solid relationship, and learn to understand why their team behaves the way they do. For them, their offshore team members are more than contractors. They are a true partner with a culture and a team they know.  Sometimes our visiting clients become close friends for years!

Rubico’s Approach

Rubico is constantly trying to improve it’s approach so that it can better service it’s clients. We have American staff members who also live in India full-time. They continue to teach our Indian staff about American culture. The Indian staff share our culture with them and they continually teach us about our American clients. We understand how important getting communication right is and strive to improve our competency every day. Each of our clients is assigned a Relationship Manager, who is an American that can step in to manage communication challenges or cultural differences. There is always someone to talk to who understands our clients from their culture. They can help bridge communication as needed.
Shawn Ashiq Project Coordinator