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How and When to Get Paid from Clients

If you’re reading this blog, you may have a client who is slow to pay (or not paying at all!) for work done on a project. This blog won’t tell you what to do with that client, but it will

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3 Steps to Close Deals

If you don't close deals, you don't have a business. It does not matter how great your business, expertise or product is; if you can't sell it, it doesn't matter. When prospects come to you, how do you close deals?

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5 Keys to B2B Relationships

Business is based on relationships, specifically B2B relationships. Not sales;Relationships. Don’t believe me? Gallup recently found in a study that 71 percent of B2B customers are indifferent or actively disengaged. That means 71 of your 100 customers don’t care about

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My Secret to Growing a Web Software Company

If you are a self-aware entrepreneur, then you most likely recognize your tendency to be a detail-oriented perfectionist when it comes to the quality of work in your business. After all, this is the trait that got you started. You

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4 Reasons Staff Love A Web Company

If you have read some forums on what work life is like in an outsourced IT services company, you may assume the following: Offshore IT employees come cheap Staff are expendable Expect long, miserable hours At Rubico though, we have

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