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Building and scaling a quality team of mobile app developers is hard.

Rubico has a team of experienced mobile app developers and is ready to build your project or augment your in-house team. We understand how important it is to get quality projects done on time and on budget. Experience outsourced mobile app development done right.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

One codebase to be deployed to multiple mobile app environments can save time and money. Rubico uses popular platforms including Google Flutter, ReactNative and Ionic for hybrid development.

Native Mobile App Development

While hybrid is a good approach for building and deploying software onto both Android and iOS with a single code base, native development has its own strengths too. We provide both iOS and Android app development for complex projects requiring optimal speed with tight integration with the phone’s hardware.

iOS Development

Developing natively for iOS in Swift or Xcode allows Rubico’s expert developers to take full advantage of the processing power of the iPhone and create a more intuitive and seamless user experience. Native development also gives you more flexibility when utilizing hardware specific features such as the camera, gyroscope, or Face ID.

Android Development

The expert developers at Rubico use Kotlin or Java with Android Studio which allows them to take full advantage of the processing power of the phone and create a more intuitive and customizable user experience. Native development also gives you more flexibility when utilizing hardware specific features such as the camera, the gyroscope or the biometric scanner.

Quality Assurance

At Rubico, we use the latest and most trusted QA applications like Selenium, Postman, Bugherd, Fiddler and more. Our team makes sure to minimize the bugs/issues on your application so your customers are not distracted with unwanted issues. We have a defined process which helps keep the bugs on your application to a minimum.

My Rocks App

Uttarakhand, India

My Rocks App is based on the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) concept of setting up efficient short term attainable goals – “Rocks”. This app is designed for entrepreneurs and organizations looking to increase accountability and growth in their ventures.

Key Features

  • Usage of Firebase
  • Allows sign up with Google and Apple ID
  • Share your goals with others to stay accountable




Weeks launched the MVP


Carlsbad, California

Salimetrics partnered with Rubico to automate the data collection process. Researchers and participants needed to streamline their workflow and day to day activities to make it easier to collect accurate data more often.

Key Features

  • Barcode scanner
  • Sample collection





LOB - Goba Sports

Toronto, Canada

Lob partnered with Rubico to build a scoring system for the game “Bocce” (sometimes called Boules). Rubico implemented a scoring system which keeps track of each player’s score.

Key Features

  • Context UI design
  • 6 multi-user interface
  • Turn based scoring





Bridging the Gap

Happy Valley, Oregan

This app is a communication tool for community partners. Through the app, volunteers and non-profit workers come together to meet the needs of trafficking survivors. The app includes resources, volunteer opportunities, information about anti-trafficking related events, and a real-time alert system.

Key Features

  • Real-time chat
  • Document upload
  • Big data filtering
  • Forum to post needs



Dwell At Home Caregivers App

Birmingham, Alabama

Rubico Created a platform that allows independent caregivers to meet senior care seekers and provide care, trust, mentorship and convenience.

Key Features

  • Payment management (Stripe Connect)
  • Job boards and applications
  • Check in / Check out feature
  • Login impersonation






Greenville, Illinois

Rubico worked to integrate mysizeid and shopify to an already existing mobile application, thus making it more robust to handle a large inventory of products.

Key Features

  • Automated technology to measure sizes
  • Shopify Integration
  • Laravel back-end





Josh McDowell Books & Media

Orlando, Florida

The app contains books and audio books from several different genres: detective stories, novels, short stories, parenting, relationships, history, and apologetics from the renowned author Josh McDowell.

Key Features

  • Available in 7 different languages
  • Runs in 3 languages
  • Digital library
  • Downloadable books and audio content





Two Models of Success

Project-Based Model

Have a specific project that needs custom mobile app development? We take time to deeply understand your vision, providing consultative ideas along the way. After we understand the project, we provide a solution and start developing a system as a collaborative team.

Allocated Resources

Do you want to build a long-term mobile app development team? Rubico offers a staff augmentation model where our developers act as an extension of your workforce. We assign full time or half time software engineers so you can scale your development needs with consistency and peace of mind.