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Why Rubico?

High Performance Teams + Proven Processes = Successful Software


Having been founded by a mechanical engineer and an accountant, Rubico understands business and technology! We are passionate about applying correct technology to solve complex business problems. Having a great process ensures effective and efficient outcomes. By following agile methodology for software development, Rubico allows for the flexibility you need to take your software over the finish line.

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Our Process


Discovery + Goals

Every project is unique. Over the past 20 years, we have established an effective, straightforward, and proven process that enables us to discover your struggles and problems and then define a clear process to build your new web application or mobile app.


Design + Development

Each member of our development team is an expert in their field and is highly trained to turn your idea into reality. We implement weekly meetings and have dedicated project managers to create a collaborative environment. Along the way, quality assurance developers will test your new software to make sure it runs smoothly and efficiently.


Deploy + Scale

Rubico strives for perfection. We don’t stop once the software is delivered to you. We continue with proactive communication to ensure that your new software aligns with your goals. Test run your software, review your needs, and with the feedback that we get, we will continue to scale your project to excellence.

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Our Onboarding Process

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Weekly Meetings

Process FAQs

What communication tools does your team use?

We use the same tools you have grown to love like Slack, Trello, Asana, Jira, Zoho, Teamwork and many others. If you prefer a different system we will gladly join you. We will do whatever is possible to ensure great collaboration.
Your Project Coordinator will be an Indian, who has been highly-trained by both our American and Indian staff to effectively manage your project. Your Relationship Manager will be an American who works closely with each project and project team.
Our Project Coordinators and Software Engineers in India have flexible enough schedules to ensure that there is  some overlap time with you for meetings and effective collaboration. This means that while you sleep, our team is getting your project done while still having a few overlapping hours each day to communicate. At Rubico, we greatly value our employees and want the best for them inside and outside the office. Working standard Indian hours, with some flexibility to meet our clients needs, allows them to be a part of their family and community.
Normally, we will start a project within five business days from when the Work Statement is signed. However, if you need a project started sooner, we will work hard to start as quickly as possible.
Yes, we provide support and maintenance for many of our clients. When your project is ready to be released, Rubico will discuss your support and maintenance needs with you. Every project is different, so we will create a support and maintenance package that fits your needs.