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How to Plan for Your Big Mobile App Launch

Have you ever thought how many users may hit your mobile app once it goes public? As soon as the mobile app launch to the App Store or Play Store, it is available for the public to download and start

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Mobile App Indexing: What is it?

University Apartments is one of your oldest clients. You have built them a great website and mobile app, but they are having trouble engaging and retaining users on their app. They get a lot of one time installs of their

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Hybrid versus Native Mobile Applications, choose wisely!

Have your recent team meetings been about your company’s reach? Do your analytics show that your users are increasingly using their mobile devices? Have you been discussing the need for a mobile application? Then, I suggest you take another look

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Why investing in your online presence is vital

Your idea is great, but is it getting the right audience? Have you been able to drive sales exponentially? Or are you simply holding out for the right time to go big? Has all this led to a hint of

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Technologies to watch out for in 2015

Keeping with the theme of the holiday season, we are hopeful that 2015 will bring with it many new opportunities. We did a little gazing into the crystal ball ourselves to predict what is in store for 2015 in the

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