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Time and Materials or Fixed Cost: Why T&M is Best

It is tough to know which project approach is better: time and materials or fixed cost. When my web development company started to move from a Fixed-Cost project approach to Time and Materials (T&M) with clients, our entire business changed.

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What is Your Company’s Average Project Velocity?

Project velocity is the speed a project will get completed. For example, a 1000-hour project can be completed in 10 weeks at a velocity of 100 hours/week or 20 weeks at 50 hours/week. Project velocity varies from project to project

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Four Qualities of a Qualified Lead

If you are in sales, you have to network. You meet lots of people with ideas of web sites, web applications and mobile apps they want to build. You’re used to meeting potential clients, but how do you determine a

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10 Reasons to Hire an Offshore Team

It is common for me to sit down with the owner of a web company, marketing firm, or ad agency and hear about their past experiences with an offshore team. Honestly, the stories I hear range from devastating project derailment

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Framing the Business Problem

When a client comes to you with an idea for using the latest technology, what should you do? Do you inflate the swelling enthusiasm of an entrepreneur or stop and understand the underlying business problem and implications? When clients come

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