Security Specialist


Are you ready to stand at the forefront of digital security? As our Security Specialist, your mission is critical to safeguarding the technological infrastructure that powers our global operations.

Here’s how you’ll make an impact:
  • Implement robust security measures like firewalls and password protocols to shield our data and networks from cyber threats.
  • Run comprehensive tests and assessments to identify and mitigate potential security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.
  • Analyze IT specifications and current security protocols to assess and address security risks to ensure our defenses are impenetrable.
  • Act swiftly on privacy breaches and malware threats by employing your expertise to investigate, resolve, and prevent future incidents.
  • Serve as a leader of security knowledge within Rubico by leading training sessions and crafting policies that foster a culture of safety and awareness.
Why Rubico?
  • Every project will expose you to a variety of industries, cultures, and challenges.
  • Work alongside a team that spans globally from the US, India, and beyond to bring a unique perspective that will enrich your career.
  • We're committed to both your professional and personal development by offering continuous learning opportunities to expand your skill set.
What You’ll Need To Succeed:
  • A strong foundation in programming and familiarity with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and cryptographic protocols like SSL/TLS.
  • An exceptional ability to analyze risk, identify potential threats, and devise comprehensive strategies to fortify our digital landscape.
  • Knowledge of patch management, firewalls, and intrusion detection/prevention systems, coupled with experience in managing crisis situations effectively.
  • Solid organizational and communication skills that enable you to convey complex security concepts clearly and train staff on best practices.
  • Quick decision-making skills when responding to security threats and breaches.
Your Next Step

If you’re eager to be part of a global team where every day is a journey of growth, learning, and impactful contributions, we would love to hear from you. Before applying, please take a moment to review our website, company values, and past contributions to software development. 

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