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Case study

The project could not have gone better. It feels so right and natural to be working with the Rubico team.



Cru was stuck. They had a partially developed project and could not make progress on it. Rubico took their partially developed, messy project and reworked the code and the design. The end product was a high quality and functional application. Cru was thrilled with the result and used our team to finish other internally-challenging projects.

The First Project, Expidev
The first project was an application that allowed related NGOs all over the world to report simple metrics to a centralized place. The data could then be analyzed for more efficient and real-time strategic decisions. This ambitious project had been started, but stopped, because of its complexity. Rubico picked up a partially completed code base and requirement understanding. Because of the internal delay, the stakeholders were growing impatient to see quality deliverables.

Cru came to Rubico with very urgent deadlines for three platforms (Angular, Android, and iOS). In order to release the product on a fast-paced timeline. To accomplish the goal required a clear communication protocol providing questions and answers quickly through a shared doc and the project management tool, JIRA.


Through effective collaboration with Cru, Rubico created a Google Map integration, showing a link to church activities through multiple icons. To facilitate the extensive role and permission requirements, Rubico created a Role and Permission Module within the app and a Drag-and-Drop feature to assign roles.

In addition to this, Rubico created a functionality so that users could tell stories “reviewing” people within the network, add churches and groups, and also share faith actions. Cru provided the APIs and Rubico worked on fixing both the iOS and Android aspects of the project.


It took significant effort to understand the vision and strategize how to create functions that met the client’s needs. As a result of the great collaboration, Cru entrusted more projects to the Rubico team. Rubico is honored and excited to be a trustworthy partner to Cru.