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Case study

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I really appreciate all the work that your team has done and effort put in to get this tool ready for launch.

Saugar Sainju

VP of Growth Marketing

goba Sports, a full-service athletic apparel and lifestyle company, provides end-to-end services to 8 brands across 20 countries. One of those brands, Springfree Trampolines, creates and sells arguably the safest trampoline in the world through the absence of springs and the presence of secure netting. goba Sports asked Rubico to create an e-commerce tool that would allow customers to design and order fully-customized trampolines.

Creating a complex e-commerce customization tool in a sensitive time frame

goba Sports created an industry-leading product, Springfree Trampolines, that could be easily customized. However without the technology to showcase the made-to-order trampolines, their product wasn’t visible to potential customers. goba Sports needed an application that would help customers see the personalization of the trampoline in real-time. With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, the timeline was crucial to the success of the project.

With a complex project and a sensitive 12-week timeframe, Rubico undertook the following solutions:



Rubico established honest expectations with the client from the start. The team and client set a realistic outlook about the product details, timeline, and feasibility of adding additional features and plug-ins.



We used an agile project management framework that promoted transparency and provided multiple updates and opportunities for the client to review progress.



Rubico engineers used LiquidPixels, a third-party technology, in order to create the visual color variations needed for the customization.


Rubico completed the initial requirements of the project one week before the deadline. In the end, people buying trampolines from goba Sports were very satisfied with the interactive visual experience and goba Sports extended their contract with us to work on additional features.