CodeIgniter Consulting You Can Count On

Technology consulting plays a vital role in the IT world. Consultants carry the relationship with clients past the initial outreach of marketing to the business process of projects. When you develop a web site or mobile application for a client, you want to know the technology consultant that either you or your client interact with is trustworthy and tech savy.

What to Look for in a Tech Consultant
If you’re on the lookout for a reliable tech consultant, keep these skills in mind as a basis for what you want in an employee:

Analytical: Has the ability to think through the client’s needs, business plans and one’s own role in the project management
Strategic Thinker: Can create project roadmaps, milestones, and end goals
Process-oriented: Writes out guidelines for a project and follows them
Technology Expert: Thoroughly understands the web or mobile application development process and language
Communicator: Must be multilingual; not only speaking the tech language of the trade, but also the business language of the client. A business entrepreneur may not know terms used on a daily basis by the web design team. That is where the technology consultant acts as a liaison between web development and business developer.


Best Practices of a Trustworthy Tech Consultant
You can have the most skilled consultant in the IT world, and yet if they don’t follow best practices for the industry, you will end up with expensive projects and unmet deadlines. Consider a potential consultant’s interaction with clients (and with you) as you look for the best person for the job. The consultant you want for your team will follow some or all of these points:

Understands the Business: A good consultant will research the business. A great consultant will know the business and search out their niche.
Focus on Value and Results: You want a consultant who will provide value-added services, quality, timeliness, and an in-budget project. You don’t want someone who will only do what the client requests, but someone who offers a possible better solution. This builds relationship and trust with your client.
Consistency: A process-driven consultant will be dependable as they follow carefully laid out steps for a project.
Stability: The work environment will be a transparent, steady environment that you can trust. If a consultant is not forthright from the start, you can be sure their team will not be either.
Flexibility: Look for someone who will be prepared when changes need to be made mid-project. Find someone who will be available when emergency situations arise, and one who is willing to learn an innovative technology and use new tools if necessary to make the client’s project the best it can be.

Rubico’s Approach to Technology Consulting

If you’re searching around for a partner in serving your clients, consider the steps we take in our consulting before we launch into a project:

Listen: Consultants at Rubico will listen to your client to understand what the business wants.
Research and Review: Following an initial meeting, the consultant will take the time to clarify the client’s wishes and the needs of the project.
Technical Feasibility Study: Rubico uses five frameworks for web development. The consultant will study the different frameworks to decide which ones would be best for the project. Once narrowed down, the consultant will conduct another organized test.
Technology Comparative Analysis: Let’s say the consultant narrows down the choices to PHP frameworks for the finalized list. What follows is element-to-element mapping, creating different solutions to bring before the client to decide which one is the best.
Roadmap with Recommendation: If the client chooses CodeIgniter as the framework on which to build the website, then the consultant will create a timeline and budget for the client to approve before moving ahead with the project.

CodeIgniter Project Example
FlexTime Manager (FTM) is one of the several projects that Rubico has successfully executed for Eduspire Solutions. We built an application to help students, teachers and principals manage the time gap between class periods. The application helps increase time management skills for everyone in the school.

When the requirements came in, Rubico chose to go with CodeIgniter as the best technology solution for the web app. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • It’s fast, reliable, lightweight and more capable
  • It’s the easiest way to use modular programs
  • It’s compatible with most web servers, numerous operating systems and platforms.
  • It has outstanding performance, as well as presentation.

The solution works and is being used in these schools:

  • Lindsay
  • Big Spring
  • Central York High School

We’ve laid out some of the skills and best practices to look for in a consultant. We wish you the best in your search. Talk to one of our consultants, if you need assistance with a CodeIgniter project.

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