The Pros to outsourcing your software development

June 27, 2023
3 minutes read

In the rapidly evolving landscape of software development, the decision to outsource projects has become increasingly common. However, there are significant challenges that companies often face when working with American teams. Rubico, a software development company based in India, offers an alternative approach as an offshore team with American leadership. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of working with an offshore team like Rubico and highlight the unique aspects that set them apart from traditional outsourcing agencies.


Challenges of Outsourcing to American Teams


Timeline and Capacity: Many companies encounter delays in project development when outsourcing to American teams. Limited staff or inexperienced interns can lead to a lack of capacity, resulting in longer waiting times before projects can commence.


Customer Engagement: Due to the pressure to deliver, American teams often struggle to provide consistent customer service. Clients may feel left in the dark about project progress, as assumptions are made rather than engaging in regular communication. Building trust through effective client communication and involving them in decision-making becomes a challenge.


Team Breadth and Competency: Running a local software development team in America can be costly, leading to team members taking on multiple roles. This can result in weaknesses in certain areas, lack of thorough testing, and the absence of dedicated roles such as QA engineers.


Budget Constraints: The cost of running a local software development team in America can strain the budget, making it challenging to allocate resources effectively.


Strengths of Offshore Teams


Timezone Advantage: Offshore teams like Rubico leverage the timezone difference to reduce project timelines. By working in different time zones, they can extend project work hours, allowing for round-the-clock progress and faster delivery.


Customer Service: Offshore teams, particularly in countries like India, have a wealth of resources that specialize in client communication and visibility. This dedicated focus ensures consistent updates, effective client engagement, and trust-building through regular interactions.


Weaknesses of Working with Offshore Teams


Language and Cultural Differences: Offshore teams may face occasional misunderstandings due to language and cultural variations. However, effective communication practices and cultural sensitivity can mitigate these challenges.


Timezone Considerations: While the timezone advantage can be beneficial, it may also require adjustment and coordination efforts to ensure effective collaboration between onshore and offshore teams.


What Sets Rubico Apart


Rubico differentiates itself from traditional outsourcing agencies through its offshore team approach. Rather than being strictly an outsourcing company, Rubico operates as an offshore team with American leadership. Here are the key aspects that set them apart:


Diverse Team: Rubico boasts a diverse team comprising individuals from various ethnicities, including Americans, South Asian Indians, and Latinos. This diversity enhances their ability to work effectively with people from different cultures and backgrounds, fostering innovation and unique perspectives.


Onsite American Leadership: Rubico’s onsite American leadership ensures seamless communication and understanding of client requirements. This proximity bridges the gap between offshore teams and clients, further building trust and facilitating effective collaboration.


When considering software development outsourcing options, it is crucial to explore alternatives beyond traditional outsourcing agencies. Rubico offshore team model, led by American leadership, addresses the challenges faced by companies when outsourcing to American teams. By leveraging the strengths of an offshore team, such as reduced timelines and dedicated customer service, and addressing potential weaknesses through effective communication and cultural understanding, Rubico provides a compelling solution for companies seeking reliable software development partners.



With offices in the United States and India, Rubico is passionate about building websites, web applications, and mobile apps. With over 200 professionals and decades of experience, Rubico is dedicated to providing high-quality custom programming software development within the latest technologies. Want to start a conversation? Message us now!

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