How to Build a Positive Work Culture

April 25, 2023
3 minutes read

Changes in the Workplace

Companies have had to endure significant adjustments and shifts in how they operate and relate to their workforce over the past few years. Tighter labor markets put a lot of power back into the hands of employees, creating an environment where companies often have to adopt employees working preferences at the risk of being unable to retain their workers or hire new applicants. Now, “How do you build a positive work culture in an ever-changing world?”

I attended the “Future of the Workplace” panel in Grand Rapids a few weeks ago. The question on everyone’s mind was “How do we attract talent and retain our top performers.” Some companies are offering a wellness stipend gift so that their team members can pay for a gym membership or spa treatment. Others are changing their policies to a remote-first culture, opening their talent pool to more regions and candidates.

How should we go about building a strong remote team in this environment? I have a few ideas, and hope that we can all incorporate them to improve our companies! 

How to build a Strong remote team

Building a strong remote team has a few key ingredients. The most essential element, and the best place to start is with a strategy and outline for what remote working will look like for your company.


It is essential for each team member to have a clear understanding of their role and tasks. There are a number of ways to divide up work and responsibilities, at Rubico we have chosen to follow an outline from the Entrepreneur’s Operating System.

We have split our company’s primary functions into Sales/Marketing, Operations, and Finance. Each sub-group will have its own culture and team dynamics. It is essential to have a strong leader at the helm of each primary function. Each department head will be held responsible for all activities and tasks of their team. The department heads will report on their key metrics and challenges to the leadership team each week. 

How to build a strong work culture.

Team Dynamics

The health of an organization will depend on the team dynamics in each department. Let’s start with the department leadership. Above all else, a leader needs to have a high level of emotional intelligence and a strong understanding of the overall business objectives. Look for somebody who is able to motivate, encourage, and come alongside their team members to help them succeed. The department head needs to be able to communicate the team’s challenges to leadership while also defending their work and progress when needed.

Team members need to be able to prioritize their work effectively. They need to build a working relationship with their team leader and be able to share their challenges openly. It is essential to foster trust between each department team. The best way to build trust as a team member is to complete your tasks on time and share your challenges as soon as possible with your department head so that challenges can be solved as soon as possible. A well-oiled team is built on trust and mutual respect. 


Finally, we must talk about how positive work cultures are built on relationships. There is no quick fix, or virtual team-building exercise that will bring a remote team together. Relationships are built on care and a genuine desire to know somebody else. Get to know your team members. Learn about what they love and what their struggles are. Respect and trust will follow.

What next with work culture?

It’s going to take time to build a solid remote team. The labor market is tighter than ever, and the workplace has changed significantly. What should our response be? More empathy, more care, and a focus on respect and trust. Create a clear strategy, and focus on team dynamics. Build relationships with your team members and you will be well on your way to having a solid team ready to work hard and deliver results.


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