How to Take on More Software Projects

September 21, 2022
2 minutes read

Don't say no to taking on more work!

As a marketing agency owner, you are likely asking yourself; “How can I take on more projects, without increasing overhead costs?” I talk to agencies that have enough work to keep someone busy for a few months, but not enough to justify hiring a new designer or developer full time. If you are experiencing something like this, it may be time to look into hiring a freelancer or contractor. Alternatively, it may be time to hire a software development company.

Rubico doesn’t make our clients sign long contracts or have them make long-term commitments. We are happy to work on a project-based agreement or on a month-to-month retainer. This type of agreement gives you the flexibility to take on more work without worrying about paying somebody who isn’t able to provide billable hours to your clients.

Project Based Development

Project-based development starts with the requirements or wireframes. Our business development team will meet with you in person or virtually to discuss the project details. Once we have a clear understanding of what you would like to build, we will deliver a proposal. Our team will work with you until the project is completed. Then, you can scale back to a smaller team until the next big fish comes along.

Monthly Retainer Development

An alternative option is to partner together with a monthly retainer. Each month, a client will pre-pay for a set number of hours. Rubico will provide them with a consistent team of developers who are ready to take on any project you can throw at them. Our team of developers will get used to your workflow and will increase efficiency as we work together for a longer period of time. We are committed to winning your business each month. If you decide to work with somebody else or hire a full-time employee, we are able to scale back and give you the flexibility you need.

Time to take on more projects

So, there you have it! Two ways to increase your capacity to take on more projects without increasing your overhead. We know that running a marketing/web development company is a lot of work. There are a lot of things to juggle. What are the habits of highly effective software development teams? Don’t let worrying about having a reliable development partner stress you out as well.

Ben Hannah, an Engagement Architect at Rubico Inc wrote this article. Ben has been working at Rubico for 3 years and is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For more information, head over to his LinkedIn.