Mandrill Integration with Mailchimp: A Guide

How to easily complete your Mandrill integration with MailChimp.

As of April 27, 2016, Mandrill will only be available under MailChimp’s umbrella of services. With this change, you need to know how to complete your client’s Mandrill integration with Mailchimp.

Mandrill Overview
Mandrill is a very popular transactional email service used by developers. It helps applications send emails that acknowledge a change in password, subscription to a newsletter, or any other similar interaction on a site.

A Transactional Email is an automatic email, triggered after a transaction or specific event. For example, if someone created a login on your website, you would send them an acknowledgment – a welcome message.

Mandrill with Mailchimp

Mandrill As Add-on of MailChimp
Mandrill has become an add-on of MailChimp (a newsletter service) and will now be available under the MailChimp umbrella. All Mandrill users will have to purchase a paid MailChimp account to use this service. It will no longer be available as a standalone service. Follow the steps we’ve outlined to make the Mandrill integration with MailChimp pain-free.

Steps to Integrate via MailChimp

  • If You Have a Paid Mandrill Account
    • Purchase a paid MailChimp account and integrate your existing paid Mandrill account into that.
    • If you already have a paid MailChimp account, then login into that and integrate your paid Mandrill account with the MailChimp account. You can find the Mandrill option under Profile > Transactional menu.
  • If You Do Not Have a Paid Mandrill Account
    • Purchase a paid MailChimp account, and start Mandrill integration with it.
    • When you open your MailChimp account, it will create a free Mandrill account inside MailChimp for you, which will have 2000 free emails. After that, you have to purchase Mandrill email services inside the MailChimp account. See pricing here (
    • After integration with the free Mandrill account, you can upgrade it from your MailChimp account.
    • See below:


  • Verify and Configure Your Domain and Emails

After adding the domain and email, from which your emails will be sent to customers, you will get a verification email. You, as the owner, need to verify the domain. Along with verification, Mandrill requires you to validate the DKIM and SPF settings on your domain. To do this, take the DKIM and SPF key from the same page and add it to your domain. For this you can get help from your domain host, any network person or


Once all three – the domain name, DKIM and SPF keys – are verified, your Mandrill account will be ready to send emails. Your settings should be similar to the following screenshot:


Benefits of Mandrill Over SMTP-Based Services

Mandrill makes it really easy to setup SPF and DKIM so that your emails are trusted as being from a legitimate source.

Spam Protection
By verifying the sending domain, Mandril offers added security.

Email Tracking
With Mandrill, you are able to track outbound emails. This helps debug sending problems and aids in logging purposes.

History of Sent Emails
This makes it easy to figure out problems with undelivered emails. Stats and details about the emails answer many questions. Is an individual e-mail opened? Did it deliver? What time was it sent?

Template Design
Mandrill provides an excellent facility to design the email templates.

Mandrill provides demographic information that will help track your customer’s preferences and location. It shows you the location where the email was opened. It also shows the type of email the client uses (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) and the operating system (OS X, Windows, iOS, etc.)

Customer Trust
Transactional email services, like Mandrill, make sure to deliver your email right to your customer’s Inbox. Trust is a big factor for any business. If a customer buys something from your site and the confirmation email lands in the spam folder, then your customer may not trust the source.

Other Options: Transactional Email Services

    • Sparkpost
    • SendGrid
    • Amazon SES
    • MailGun
    • LeaderSend
    • Elastic Email

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